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Tamarindo SUP LessonsMore than a Dream, it's a Calling!!!

Surfing I believe, in modern times, has been the catalyst for the development of watermen and waterwomen. We have seen it go from planks with no fins to the modern surfboard, but as my friend Robby Naish said to me, "I am a Board Rider!!!" That really is a statement, short board, long board, sail board, tow board, kite board or paddle board, the common denominator is a Board. And a board rider he is and so are we. I was lucky to be a participant in his Costa Rica Stand Up Paddle trip in search for the longest waves as a Surf Guide and Host. He is a Legend in his own right. It was great to see this World Champ go!!! I learnt more in the one week he was here than what I could have learnt on my own in a year! Robby is an awesome athlete and an even more awesome person. He was one more of the crew even when we wanted to treat him "special" we couldn't because he is "just a great board rider". He was always totally stoked to "get out there" in all conditions. Robby Naish in PavonesWe surfed Hermosa, Boca Barranca and the big swell at Pavones.

I surfed Pavones with Rory Russell in 1980, with Buttons Kaluhiokalani in 1980 and 1981in Pavones too, and with Marvin Foster (RIP) I surfed Pavones, La Boca and Playa Valor in 1983.

In Hawaii, while I visited my good friend Carlos Galli I was I had the honor of surfing with Perry Dane and with Junior (RIP) at V-land, and with many other world famous surfers at numerous surf spots. They all inspired me, back then.

But this trip was with Robby Naish, and it was now!!! And, this time it was Stand Up Paddle. I was already hooked on SUP surfing, I felt that I was learning something new again.

My love for surfing was rekindled.

I love it when I am learning, it is such a thrill to be challenged!!!

So, as fortune would have it, I was called to guide Robby.

I was able to share time, again, with a world class Waterman, and had the opportunity to learn, again, firsthand from a pro. Priceless!!!

Watermen aren't "all talk" at all, they are all about performance.

So I absorbed, asked, and learnt enough that it changed my surf-life, to SUP surf life, and that has been all I have done every day since. I have been SUP surfing the outer reefs, point breaks, beach breaks, doing downwinders and paddling the secluded flatwater bays and islands in this awesome part of the world.

I really like that SUP allows for such a variety of styles: SUP Short boards, SUP Hybrids, SUP Long boards, and SUP Flatwater, what a blast!!!

So now it's time to share this Stand Up Paddle Goodness with all!!!





Avellanas SUP Camp Let's have fun!
After all, it's all about the fun.





It feels good to us to share our SUP spots and knowledge, through our Stand Up Paddle Tours, SUP Lessons for the beginners, SUP Coaching and SUP Rentals for the intermediate and the advanced.

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